Scotty has died...

Geeks mourn

Oh man… bummer. “Scotty” was my biggest hero years ago. :(

R.I.P. James Doohan… there will never be another Scotty.


That’s sad.

You mean that wasn’t his real accent?

Man this is really depressing. RIP Mr. Doohan.


Oh dear! how is anybody going to get anything fixed?
I mean, Spock is ok with the fancy stuff, but he hasn’t got a clue when it comes to something to do with “The Crystals” old Scotty really knew his stuff there.
Looks like it’s impulse power only from now on.
I’ll have a wee dram in memory of a fine Engineer.


That show broke a lot of ground… I first remember watching the show on a B/W TV…

The line I’ll always remember him saying was… "I can’t Hold Her… JIM… “She’s Breaking Up” "… There were other lines… But they have faded, somewhat… He always seemed to have an issue with the Lithium Crystals… Jim and Spock always wanted the Ship to go Faster in WarpSpeed, than what Scotty could make the Ship go…

But he could always go to his quaters and get some of the REAL Rocket Fuel that Scotts-from-Scotland, were known for…

The writing was incredable…


Sulu was on msnbc last night. He said he remembers Scotty best for all the eatin food & drinking they did.

“I canna doo that Cap’n! You’ll tear her apart!” – the shows where Jim wanted Warp 8 when every idiot KNEW that was impossible… Dang this IS depressing. Scotty was sure enough one of my childhood heroes. I always dreamed of being an engineer mostly on account of Montgomery Scott and Star Trek.

Oh well, Scotty truly has gone on to the Final Frontier… RIP


The Excellcior, the future of space travel. What do you think Mr. Scott?

Aye Captain, and if me grandmother had wheels, she’d been a wagon.

Quote (YazMiester @ July 21 2005,15:38)
Aye Captain, and if me grandmother had wheels, she'd been a wagon.

ROFL! Classic! Thanks for the reminder Yaz. :D :D


Full POWER! Scotty! as you thrust your way into the great beyond! :laugh:
I can hear this song playing as he finally gets to pilot his own starship! “…I’m your captain, I’m your captain…” keep in mind he’s singin’ along in a scottish accent so it sounds more like, "Iye your haptain, Iye your haptain…"

jerm :cool: