Screeching feedback issues!

When ‘Live’ is enabled.

Hi guys,

I have owned N-Track v3.3 for a couple of years now & I am very happy with it.
I used to post on these boards but it has been so long since I have last used them, I have completely forgotten my previous Log-In details :(

Anyway, a problem I have never got around to resolving is an issue of screeching feedback when enabling the ‘Live’ feature.

Upon creating a brand-new project, when I enable the ‘Live’ tab, 7 Tracks are automatically created & tracks 6 & 7 screech with feedback!
Up untill now I have simply muted 6 & 7 and continued to work with tracks 1 -5.
When requiring to record more than 5 tracks, I un-mute either 6 or 7 and record enable it, but then another track (either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) will start screeching with feedback & needs to be muted!

It’s about time I got to the bottom of the problem & sorted it out!



Hi James and welcome back.
The problem you are having is caused by a feedback loop.
Windows has two mixers, one for playback and one for record. The mixer you actually use also depends on your soundcard capabilities also. The fact you have several tracks created in “Live” mode indicates you have multiple channels enabled.
Normally, you set the record volume level with the slider in the record mixer, and adjust the level you wish to monitor at in the playback mixer. These two mixers are independant of one another and therefore you have no problems.
However, when you enable “Live” mode, a software bridge is created and can cause the problem you describe.
You will have to experiment to find out if you need to make adjustments in windows mixer, or your soundcard mixer to effect a cure.
Incidentally, almost no-one seems to use “Live” mode for normal tracking purposes.