Screen Changed

I am a newby to n-tracks and have found it very user friendly. I use it mostly to clean up live recordings of my band burned directly to disk. So I start with a single wave file and add a little EQ and compression and take the starting count and the applause (end) out.

My problem came when I left my screen saver on and the computer locked up while converting the wave file to song file. Now that nice little EQ and compression screens that are there when I opened the program are no longer there.

I can find the compression screen but the EQ is a more advance CPU eating monster. I just want that little insert of EQ and Compession back when I start up.


I am working with an old slow computer with Win98se. :p


I believe what you want is on the track mixer found under view then mixer then track mixer. When the track mixer pops up then double click one of the three small EQ nobs and the compressor and EQ graph will be on screen. If it doesnt then check to see if it under another window.

Thanks It worked and I am back in busines. It was in the mixer that I found it.

Now how do I get the mixer to be vertical instead of horizontal?

Drag a corner up.