Screen layout issues

How do I restore default screen layout

Hi all,
N-Track is great and I have been using it for a long time, but,an issue I’ve always had is that sometimes either intentionally or otherwise I move/remove/resize the Ntrack screen layout. Then, try as I might I can’t get it back to what I want which is the layout when it was first loaded. I can do a global reset then re-register myself and go thru all the setup. That does it, but there must be an easier way to reset the layout or save the layout and retrieve it. Anybody? I must have looked in all the wrong places to try and solve this. :slight_smile:


there is currently no direct command to restore the window layout to its default state. We plan to add it in one of the next versions.

You can try manaully deleting the n-TrackLayoutTree.cfg and n-TrackConfiguration2.xml files in the configuration folder:
C:\Users[Your username]\AppData\Roaming
-Track Studio 7

However that also resets some other configuration settings besides the windows layout.


Thank you for the quick reply Flavio. It’s just something that has bugged me for quite a while and yesterday I got into a bit of a pickle with my screen getting worse the more I tried to fix it. :slight_smile:
I noted that when I did a global reset that the program said it was registered but did not show my name etc. So I re-entered my rego. Again thanks for the prompt reply.

Hi again,
I’ve just tried that and it seems to work fine. Looking at the xml file it doesn’t look as though resetting any of that will give me too much grief. I might write a little batch file to do it until it’s built in.

Nope. It resets the audio device.

Has there been any progress on this issue in V8?


if you mean a command to reset the default window layout, no there isn’t yet such command in the latest version, it didn’t make it in v8, we’ll try to squeeze it in for the next version.


Thanks Flavio.
I look forward to that.
In the meantime I have made up a little batch file.
With the screen setup as I want, I copied the config files to a separate directory.
If I need to reset the screen I just run that little batch file which simply copies those saved files back into N-Track. It works a treat.
I’ll wait then for V9.
Thank you for the prompt response.
David B

Hey Flavio good day. Based on what Deejaybee said above, can you say which are the config files that we need to save and copy back if we need to reset our screen? I am using the very latest version. Beta 8.1.2 build 3419. Please help, we have been asking for this for a while. CHEERS and keep up the good work.

Currently the window layout info is saved in 3 files, for the 32 bit version:

For the 64 bit version:

We have up on on our todo list the command to reset the window layout.


Ok brother. Thanks man. PEACE and Ase!!! :agree: :agree: :agree: