Screen layout

What the?..

Okay, I have a lot of struggles with screen layout. I don’t know, could it be my screen resolution? I use 2 displays. 1366 x 768 is the one I use with a 21 inch monitor.

If you can see the image I am trying to post, what the heck is that middle section of Track Mixers for? They look different from the ones on the left, but don’t they do the exact same thing? Why do I need them? How do I get rid of them. I can slide the tracks to the left over them. But is that the correct way to do it? WHF?

All the screens can be sized, docked and undocked. Try to experiment a little to find that screen setup you like. That middle section is the track information layout with arming options, among other options. I run a 2 monitor setup and drag my EQ onto the other monitor so I have the wave files and tracks in front of me without the track EQ to block things. It’s a personal preference thingy. Hope that helped, :cool:


Thanks Paco. I will play around with it. I still don’t see what the middle section has over the track mixers on the left.

If you use the icons for track size the taller you make the tracks, meaning the larger horizontal view then you’ll see various things like track name, arming icons, ect ect. As you make the tracks thinner like your view, these items have a set font size and once the font size has reached it’s minimum size then it will disappear because the fonts are not small enough to be seen, which makes sense. I like thinning my tracks like you and I too loose any information provided beside the tracks, even the track numbers and names get buried, however all the information and options for each track is there thur the right click/options like any other windows options.

I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it, however I’d like to see when tracks get thinned like the above example, I’d like to see some generic information appear as a replacement as the font size for the default appearances get’s lost in the thinning process, leaving the user confused and WTF is going on, be replaced with, larger track name and number on the vertical plane for example or more relevant information could be instituted and easily read as the tracks get thinner. Perhaps options for the user to decided what should replace the default fonts once the the tracks get too thin. This would be my first choice, because a program with no options, IS A PROGRAM WITH NO OPTIONS. You’ve heard me say that one more than once. Hint Hint Flavio :laugh:

Hope that helps,


I believe what you are calling the Middle is called “left Hand Box”. it displays along with the wav file display. It is programmable so that you can turn much of it displays on and off. The round button is the Record button and you can set it to what channels you want to record to the track and it the track is armed. To me this is the most important feature as the “record to all selected tracks” is no longer the default in N-track. Something I hope will change in the new version. It is also where you can see where you have directed the output for that track. Granted, much of this is redundant, but as I mentioned it is a convenient place to find out a lot of information about the track.

Hey thanks guys.
That helps a lot.

And since I don’t record directly to my laptop, I don’t need the feature of the Record button to record to certain tracks.
I import all my wav files in from another recording source.
A Boss 1200 as I have mentioned.

The color coding is clever because I can see at a glance my vocals are yellow, guitars are red, etc.

Bax, you mentioned that the area I am questioning is called the Left Hand Box and it is programmable to turn off and on?

I was going to turn it off, but then I would NOT have any track names. Or is there another way of having track names displayed.

Notice in my image below, I have my tracks slid to the left enough to cover most of the Left Hand Box or what I call the middle track mixers. But I can just barely read the track names.