Screenshot question

What’s up with channel’s 11 & 12 in this image?

They are missing something?

AH!!! I see it!

They are gray!!!


Is there a new way streamline a track view? This is off of

I would say that you have all the animation for those tracks shut off. :)

It’s Flavio’s image. I just noticed it on the website.

:agree: It sure looked like some of your work :laugh:

They are the ones being currently recorded, right?

looks that way

Where are the track controls? If it was armed for recording, there would a RED “armed light” and all the other goodies are missing too… Mute, Solo, Freeze, Monitor… weird?


I don’t know – I’ve never noticed what the controls look like while I’m recording (I’m too busy playing/singing/trying to remember the words!) :laugh:

Whatever it is I like. I’m a streamed down guy when it comes to visuals.