Seagate 160G drive for $50 after rebate

7200RPM UDMA100 8Mcache

Heard about it & thought some of you might like to know.

Seagate ST3160023A-RK 160GB Retail Box Ultra DMA100, 8MB Buffer, 7200RPM
$40.00 Rebate

For Mac,Windows

* Capacity: 160GB
* Seek Time: 8.5ms
* 7200RPM
* 8MB Buffer
* 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
* Regular Price - $119.99

Price: $ 89.99
After Rebate: $ 49.99

I have the 80GB version of that drive in a USB2.0 External enclosure. I really like it. It is fast, QUIET and so far, reliable.

Danggit Jeff! I want to grab one a doze… man can never have too many HD’s laying around. Wifey would kill me though…