Searching for music software

had same years ago on Commodore

Years ago I had software that ran on my Commodore computer. I want to lacate much the same thing for Microsoft Windows. Features follow:
1. No MIDI instrument needed.
2. Computer screen begins with a blank music staff and tools described below.
3. Drag and drop ALL musical notation onto the blank staff from various tool boxes available on screen.
4. When done, the screen looks just like sheet music.
5. Multiple channels for different instruments played at the same time.
6. A variety of synthetic instrument sounds to choose from.
7. Special effects tool box such as echo.
8. Composition can be tested at any time during construction. Played in entirety or one note at a time.

I have searched the Internet using Google and other search engines to no avail. Since I do not know all the terminology of synthetic music, it has slowed my search even further.

If you know of a product that closely fits the description above, please post it here.

Finale? ???

You could try Shareware Music Machine web site. They have just about every possible music program for any OS platform in shareware/freeware/trial form for download. Download a few and find what you like best.


Thank you TomS and DrGuitar for your replies. I am now on track to get what I want. :D
I think I should have been using “Music Notation Software” in my Web searches.
Finale by MakeMusic, Inc. looks wonderful, but $600 is not in the price range I had in mind. The same company also has Allegro for $200 and PrintMusic! for $70. Even PrintMusic! has a lot of features. I downladed their trial version and tried it. DrGuitar, you might be in interested in MakeMusic’s Finale Guitar for $100. It is a notational program made especially for stringed instruments.
I have not yet tried any of the shareware programs, but there seem to be a few to pick from.
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Check out Sibelius too.

Thanks, Bubbagump

Thanks Mountainman. I use Finale for writing scores and arrangements. I use Tabledit for writing guitar solo pieces for notation and tablature. Finale is a great program but pricey. Tabledit is also a great program and will take midi files and transcribe them for guitar (cool feature).

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