second new song in months

more elaborate
"god is love"

this is just taken from the love chapter, I corinthians 13. cut and dry, basic construction. the wife plays a cameo, does two voice parts during the chorus/bridge, but it’s hard to pick 'em out.

God is Love
I Corinthians 13

intro: G Em D (x4)

G Eb
Love is faithful, love is kind
A gift from God for all mankind
To be shared with everyone
Love is patient, love is true
Love is what I feel for you
Your commandment for us all
F C Eb F F#dim
Love never fails, love never fails

G Em D G Em D
God is love His love shines down
G Em D G D C
Bestow Your love forevermore
G Em D G Em D
So seek His love seek His grace
Eb F G Em D G Em D
Seek to worship forevermore

G Eb
Love is honest, love is pure
Love is striving to endure
Love is hope for all our days
Eb F
Love rejoices in the truth, love will show us all the proof
Of our Father’s perfect word
F C Eb F F#dim
Love never fails, love never fails

C Am7 Bm
Faith, hope, and love
C Am7 Bm
Faith, hope, and love
C Am7 D
The greatest of these is love

wave file at:…f7.html

I’m missing something here. Kick - low end? The mix is distracting me. Knowing you though this is intentional or a musical workaround?

i have no kick. only a snare and a ride. it lacks something. it always does.

Wulll…much better theology!

Your music always moves me, however. :)

Is this anything at all like you would do during a worship service there at your church? Seems this would be a good one for that.

that’s what this was written for. on occasion, we will do a couple of originals of mine.

our drummer does have a full set.

My first thought was the bass drowned out the kick, but being a bassist figured it was just Jdet!

Good stuff Jdet! Both tunes, really liked the harmonies and chord structures.

The opening harmonies grabbed me and pulled me into the song. They are stuning!