Second time around

What a bummer. :frowning:

I was raised on Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, etc., but I’ve been listening back to a whole shitload of music from that era, and God help me, some of the best is not what I thought it would be. For production, musicality, arrangement, and all the rest, the Carpenters were, and are, outstanding. I hated most of their stuff at the time. There were a few exceptions, the interstellar occupant thing, and of course Goodbye to Love which was always a great party piece on guitar, but the rest sucked. But listening to it now, I wonder who the producer and engineer were. It wasn’t just Karen’s simple but endearing voice, but the whole mix is what I’m trying to find in my ballads. So me a favor guys, listen to that crap, and tell me it wasn’t the best. :D

I like the Carpenters’ stuff, too. Especially songs like “Only Yesterday”, with Karen’s vocal being multitracked with herself four, five, even six times, and every single voice retaining the same, smooth, distinct uniqueness that was their trade mark.

People are still trying to figure out how they did it… ???

regards, Nils

P.S. I’m sorry that I cannot respond in favour of your request… :;):

It was the best. :)

All pop music is well produced, but that doesn’t mean it was the “Best”.


I find that I listen to music in a different way since I started recording my own.
Previously, the only thing I was interested in was whether I enjoyed the song or not. Now I listen to the recording . I may hate the song, but marvel at the sound of the drums, the clarity of the vocals etc. etc.
It’s great to be free of that "I only listen to <insert favourite Genre / Artist here> "

BTW Gizmo, Richard Carpenter, Karens’ brother engineered and produced their records and is highly regarded in the industry.


The production on The Carpenters is out of this world.

Does anyone remember Mac on ths topic? :)

IiKkNnOoWw TomS:
Mac is sortta like the “Grapes” of Hockey-Night-in-Canada… :p

Ya didn’t always like the way he said what he said. But most of the time he was “Right”… Well… A lot of the posters didn’t like ta hear the truth… He Pissed a lotta guys OFF… :O :(

A “Magic” Track is a track that is done… as Good in front of the Mic as IT is… behind the Mic… Well, something like that…


Thanks for that information beefy steve. I knew that Richard arranged the music but I never knew he engineered and produced it too. Does he give lessons? :)

I agree with ya on this one. Excellant recordings came from pop, country, dance, anything that was targeted with mainstream radio and television. But the era comes to mind also. Most people had mono radios and tv’s back then. Think this has anything to do with the mix and engineering?