seeking advice

PC Specs

I am hoping to purchase a new PC that will work with the current version of n-Track ( and hopefully future upgrades ) and my current sound card. I would be interested in ideas for upgrading the soundcard as well since I am still using the Gadget Labs 824, which has worked well but might have compatibility issue with a new tower. I looking for a post that listed a breakdown of PC options but did not find one. I have found two providers that offer multiple choices for PC recording and gaming, just want to put something together that will last a few years and has plenty of processing and storage.
Any input would be appreciated

The first question: what is the interface of your sound card- FireWire, USB, PCI. It makes a difference in what I would recommend. What operating system do you favor?

Its PCI, I believe, I installed the card probably 10 years ago or so. It still works but I was wondering if there are updated drivers and also you probably know Gadget Labs is defunct so maybe its time to upgrade. I like to have 8 XLR inputs and this product provided that, any thoughts on that.
I use windows. I have an XP version I could install, but again I’m thinking of just purchasing with the latest version of windows

Well, I am not sure what you should do here. I sure look to see if there are any drivers available for the newer operating systems. Windows 7 will allow you to load a driver in compatibility mode so you can load old drivers as XP even though it is on W 7. It is getting harder to find motherboards that have more than one PCI slot, s be sure to check. I still prefer the PCI card type interface, but my ECHO Layla 24 just never worked right under Windows 7 even though it was support to. It sounds like you are not into power PC so I would look for a computer running Window 7, with a couple of PCI slots available and 8 gig of memory. The most up-to-date computer is net necessary for audio recording, but you will need at least Windows 7 to keep up with changes to software and hardware now that MS no longer supports XP. As far as brand, I’m not sure what would be best, just look for a good retailer with a good rep for service and warrenty.