Seeking New Artists/Bands

Hi folks, i was already amember here with another account but i can’t remember my old account details :(

Anyway i hope this is the right board to post this !
also if this post goes against the sites policy please delete the last thing i want is to be a spammer ! now said this please read

At mp3hardplay we are working on a new music “Artists” Board.

This space will be given to any artists or bands that wish to have some coverage.

We will provide a prominent space, if you wish we can make an interview, also give us pics and links and we will list them !
You will be able to talk about your music,let others know how you recorded etc.
In no way we will rate anything , we will just give it the unique coverge.

The only thing we ask is that you provvide and share at least one song in mp3 format for download

Please contact us here:

Thanks for the space !


mp3hardplay Administrator

Hey Hardplay! that’s a generous offer! What are your goals with your site? :)

Quote (TomS @ Mar. 06 2005,12:16)
Hey Hardplay! that's a generous offer! What are your goals with your site? :)


Well we are a non profit site, this is the second month online and we talk about portable mp3 players, music, mp3 technology etc. etc.

Most of the staff are musicians like me and we are friends , btw i play drums and from time to time i record some solo stuff (i've still got a good old EWS88MT) !

our goal is to share our growing space with who does not have one !!

Nobody helped me when i needed know what i mean ?

I came here because i know that this is a good solid community with many musicians, so if anybody wants to join in the fun you are all welcome !If you know anybody that would appreciate something like this then please send them to mp3hardplay, we are also seeking affiliations with other sites too.

As i posted before the only thing we want is that you share 1 or as many tracks you want, that's why we put music inside our Mp3Players :)

Sounds good hardplay. By the way, since you were the 1000 member this time around, you qualify to receive a Mr Microphone! :)

(Kidding! We were watching to see if the board would crash at 1000. But you can still have the Mr Microphone, although you may have to find one).

lol , i would prefer some home made cookies though :D

We have posted the basic guidelines in the “Artists & Bands” Board, so come and take a look :)

Hey i don’t want to bore you but we have posted the first Band Blood Ruby, many are also to come. We will also be talking to Heathen

If you want to show your music please contact us :)

many thanks for reading :)

Well, that was fun… I took Elia (hardplay) up on his (her?!? Sorry!!!) offer and did an interview for thier website. They seem to be pretty sincere in trying to promote some unknown artists. The site is geared toward portable mp3 players and the people that use them, so this might be a good thing.

Check out the interview here:

mp3hardplay interview with JPB


That’s cool John, and I only wish we could “pin” this topic.

But, keep us up to date on what happens willya? :)

I’m sure there’s many on here who’d be happy to get promotion, but are apprehensive of being ripped off.


Hey John thank you for the kind words , yes it was fun :)


I’m sure there’s many on here who’d be happy to get promotion, but are apprehensive of being ripped off

Yeah it’s a mad world with a lot of creepy folks around, i’ve also had my bad days with some of these creatures in the past :(

anyway i still invite anybody to come and join in with us , i would like to interview audio engineers or producers too :)

We have just completed an interview with Darren Minter (Heathen)

we are also including our featured friends in the Artists & Bands@mp3hardplay Directory , we can’t do more than this :;):