select audio format dialog box 'monitor' section

need instruction on ‘monitor’ section

Could someone direct me through the use of the ‘monitor’ section of the Select Audio Format dialog box - the dialog box that comes up when you click the hammer on the Recording VU Meter window. I can’t find anything on this anywhere - has there been any postings on this subject?

This control the setting for the sound card you have selected - it is a quick way to change settings:
Channels can be Mono, Stereo (two tracks recorded seperately as in tracks 1 and 2 to one wav file) o9r Stereo > two Mono file (channel one is a seperate wav file and channel 2 is a seperate wav file.
the bit rate (16 or 24), the use of Effects in what you hear when you monitor a Live input 9 the guy is singing and he want s ot hear himself with some reverb, enable the reverb and if Enable Live input processing is checked he can listen with the reverb, the last box applies the settings you have selected to all the tracks you have active.
There is also a Hammer Icon under the Playback VU meter. The bit rate has to agree with the recorded bit rate or you get an error flag.