Selecting nodes with envelope editing

I am having problems selecting a node of the envelope when it is positioned at -inf level, Are they some keyboard shortcuts or other tricks to select the node on the track I want and not the adjacent track? Thanks

Yeah… I have that problem too… just make sure your mouse single arrow turns into the four-way node indicator, and hope :)

You can try zooming in. That makes it easier to get the correct node.

A trick i’ve learned is once you have the node indicator, right click for ‘options’. One of them is ‘remove node’, select it by highlighting it, then one click. There are other node options too, tho I can’t remember them at this time.

What version are you guys using? There were several node issues fixed in some of the early builds of 5.0. I know the problem you’re refering to, but I don’t recall seeing it recently.

I updated to version 5.08 partly because I did see something about selecting nodes in the change log. I was particularly interested in keyboard shortcuts, or some way to only select nodes in the active track.