Selling my small Crate Taos


If anyone is interested let me know - make you a deal - otherwise I’ll put it on ebay Monday.

Crate CA30DG Taos Acoustic Amp Specifications:

* Output power rating: 30W RMS @ 1% distortion
* Equalization: Low +/-15dB @ 80Hz; &nbspMid +/-15dB @ 400&Mac220;1.2kHz; High +/-15dB @ 10kHz
* Internal impedance: 1.5M ohm
* Internal sensitivity: 20mV RMS
* Sens. to line out: 20mV
* Max input signal: 10v RMS (28v peak to peak)
* Insert jack: .7v RMS, Line In .7v RMS
* Insert jack input impedance: 44k ohm
* Insert jack output impedance: 2.2k ohm
* Line out impedance: 2.2k ohm
* Internal speaker: 8" Poly cone coaxial with dome tweeter; & nbsp 4 ohms; & nbsp 50 watts; 1" voice coil
* Power requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz, 60VA; 100/115VAC, 50/60Hz, 60VA; 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 60VA

Crate CA30DG Taos Acoustic Amp Features:

* 30W
* Crate 8" high-fidelity speaker
* Special-design tweeter
* Award-winning onboard Digital Signal Processing including a variety of reverbs, delays, chorus, and multiple effects settings
* 2 channels
* 3-band EQ
* 1/4" line out
* Slant-front cabinet
* Spring reverb
* Effects loop