Separate Input and Output Devices

Separate Input and Output Devices

Hello, I am new to n-Track. I would like to use my Tascam US-122 as my output device only (its connected to my speakers and headphones), and I would like to use the S/PDIF of my Opcode Sonicport as my input device (being fed by TC Helicon VoiceWorks effects unit). I would also like to be able to feed the output of certain tracks back to the VoiceWorks and add effects, and record the new output on a separate track.

I do not currently have an ASIO device driver for the Sonicport, but one is available from here, so I thought I’d use that for lowest possible latency.

Is this possible?

I don’t think you can load more than one ASIO driver at a time… can you? Maybe if you ran WDM on the Tascam and ASIO on the other… ???


Thank you for the reply.

It appears that you can’t run more than one ASIO device or an ASIO device at the same time as a WDM or MME device. So I probably can’t do what I want with n-Track. I wonder if this is a limitation of n-Track or of the Windows operating system itself?

i think that’s more of a general OS problem, than an ntrack problem specificially. Could you run both of your sources in WDM mode?

Yes, I just tried, and both devices will run simultaneously in WDM mode. The only reason I wanted to use ASIO was I though that the latency would be significantly less using ASIO drivers.

…but maybe that is a misunderstanding on my part as to the difference between WDM and ASIO. Having done a bit of research its possible that I’d be better off with WDM.

yep, not always is ASIO faster, or better. some find it flaky, and less efficient.

WDM is certainly a good viable option.

Thank you everyone for all the help.