separating midi drum tracks

After 2 years of the home studio in boxes (I moved and had to gut the new basement) I find myself now getting back. I am not the greatest drummer. I have a Hart trigger set with an Alesis DM-5 running into a Egosys WaMi Rack 24. The question: is there any way that I can play the drum set and record the separate triggers as separate midi tracks, ie; snare to one midi track, bass drum to another midi track and so forth all at the same time. I am using version 3.0. I have tried to do this and also tried copying just the snare from the piano roll to no avail. I just keep getting the whole drum set in one midi file. Doing it this way would be a lot quicker than having to program the whole drum track. I’ve had numerous great comments about the guitar and vocal recordings I’ve done, but the same “Was the drummer drunk?” keeps coming up! LOL Thanks in Advance tom

The way I used to separate drums from a midi track is as follows:

1. Make several copies of the midi track.
2. Open up one of them in the piano roll and highlight all notes except the one I want to keep.
eg. If this is goinf to be my kick drum track I’ll highlight all instances of every other note.
You can select all instances of a note by clicking on that note on the actual piano keyboard (not the part wheere youplace midid notes). You can select all instances of several notes in this way.
3. Once all notes are selected that you don’t want delete them.
I usually do this in 2 steps… all notes above the one I’m keeping and then all notes below the one I’m keeping.

close piano roll editor and then repeat for the other duplicated tracks keeping the drums you want in each track.


Yep. I program all my drum tracks, but I’ve gone back and re-vstied some of the old ones that were composed in one track, and I do this to seperate them.

This might help:

Click on freeware at the top of the page and then look for mididrum.


"MIDI splitter: GNMIDI splits drum tracks by drum instruments, splits notes distinguished by instrument, splits notes played by left and right hand"

Dude, that sounds neat. Thanks.


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Back to the question at hand.

When recording, if you can program your drum kit to send different instruments on different MIDI channels, you can keep them separate from the start.

However, I think that I’d record all instruments to one track, so I could see the whole part while doing any MIDI editing. Only when I’m ready to start fine tuning the mix would I bother separating the track into multiple tracks (to give more control over FX and stereo placement).

Note that you can adjust the relative volume of one instrument fairly easily, by clicking on the piano key (or instrument name) at the left of the piano roll (which selects all instances of that note), right clicking on one of the notes, and adding to or subtracting from the velocity (lower right corner of the popup window, IIRC). This gives you some control over the mix without having to split the track.


I think not, but you can always start a new one. Warning: we’ll still recognize you!

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I’ve used mididrum. Did what it said on the tin. Pity it’s a DOS/Command line util though. I stopped using it because my midi sequencer could do the same thing ultimately.

It’s not actually that hard to write simple MIDI file utils. I did write some a few years ago ago (ok 10 years ago) on my Atari. Transferred a few to Windows (3.1 yeah!)… don’t know where they ended up.


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