Seperating Parts Of A Track

Hi Guys,

I recently recorded one of my live shows and got so busy havin fun that I stopped saving each file and just let the laptop record the last set all on one track. Is there an easy way to break out the individual songs? ??? ??? ???


You just have to edit.
I would start by going to the furthest right edge of the wav. file.
Slide it to the left till all you see is the first song.
Now mix that song down to another name.
Then slide the right edge back to the end of the next song. And slide the left edge to the end of the first.
Move the whole file over to the 0:00. Now mix down that song to it’s own file name.
Repeat until all the songs have their own names.
I’m shure there’s another easier way depepnding on which version you have.
Just hang in there and someone will chime in soon enough.