Sequencer Learning Curve

Learning n-Track and Sonar Producer 5

Dear n-Trackers,

I have a problem to share with you all. Very recently I graduated from a Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro + Montego II Home Studio + AWE32 sound card based system to a seemingly proper system comprising two computers joined over a crossover ethernet connection.

A broad configuration is as follows. PC1 has the Echo Mia audio card while PC2 has the Wami Rack 192X. PC1 is loaded with n-Track Studio and Reason 3.0 while PC2 is loaded with Sonar Producer 5. Everything is networked and connected beautifully… I am willing to even post pictures / schematics / excel files of my detailed setup.

The problem now is the learning curve that I hate through reading manuals. Does anyone have a similar

I want to find out if anyone of you have had similar experiences upgrading from Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Pro. DOP is very basic yet I got used to its nitty gritties very easily. Simple to work, etc.

The biggest problem that I have is to understand plug-ins / instruments / soft synths and their differences and how they apply in the sequencer scenario.

A simple link would help.