Sequencing on the mac

I’ve been using n-tack for a couple of years and grew quite fond of it, however, Im going to school at Berklee College of Music in Boston and they require all of us to get a mac, so now I have a PowerBook G4, but looking for something a little more robust then say garageband. I’m also looking for VST support… if any of you have any links it would be helpfull.


Tracktion has an OS X version, VST support and is available for $80 USD.

Google for Tracktion

Hey, thanks thats a pretty good program :)

I’ve used this in my iBook with an Edirol UA-1.

Deck LE:

Keep your eye on the Linux apps; some of them are being ported over to MacOSX…

Audacity is already Mac/PC/Linux and free: