Serious problem!!

crappy audio

When I play an instrument plugged into the mic input on my sound card the audio sounds just fine. However when I record it, the track sounds like complete crap. Like it’s VERY muffled. It’s as loud as I need it so it’s not a volume issue. I’ve used this program a lot in the past and not had a problem, but that was way back when and I was using Win98

Configs are

N-track 4
3.0 GHZ pentium 4
1 GB ram
Soundblaster Audigy

I noticed that in the “recording Control” window under advanced properties for Mic, the bass and treble tone control are set at zero and grteyed out, how can I un-grey them and adjust them as I’m sure this has something to do with it.

Modulus, Mic input is for connect a Microphone. The integrated Mic pre-amps of Soundblaster cards are not the best choice if you want record trough microphones. But, if you want record an instrument, you need plug it to the LINE-IN of your soundcard.