serious problems

ring any bells

i gather all the previous posts are gone but anyway

i had this prob a while ago but after updating drivers for my soundcard and midi controller i figured i’d give it another try

this is the situation
i have a vst instrument that i would like to use with n track
so i go track>midi>new vst instrument and select it
then the options come up for the midi track
so input is selected as pc-300 (the midi controller) and output is selected as the vst instrument

then comes the piano roll view, when i press with the mouse on the keyboard which is along the left of the screen, no problem the intrument plays <lovely,
when i press my midi controller, nothing
when i press the live button, nothing
when i press record and play a few notes, nothing however
the midi infromation is recorded and plays back
however its not long before a crash!

then i decide well ntrack still wont do this for me so
restart n track go file > settings>prefrences> midi> midi devices with a view to unchecking the box “keep midi devices open” (which seems to be the root of the problem!!)and then the programme freezes

so i try this maybe 20 times before my comp show me a blue warning screen saying its shutting down to prevent damage
process has locked pages

when i get going again its the sames story
and sooner or later with a bit of luck a message comes up “error opening midi in devices” and then i seem to get to the screen which alows me uncheck "keep midi devices open"

this is driving me nuts has anyone got the roland pc-300 midi controller? or an edirol ua 20 sound card, or the experiece of dealing with this problem

i’m using v3.3, asio drivers, 24bit recording

i not planning on v4, i’m not good enough to deal with all the buggyness, think it will have to be rock solid before i progress, would it fix my probs, helllppp please!
thaks.,… james

Hi James,

I’m mostly posting to bump this up for you. I’m kind of new to MIDI with n-Track myself. I had a problem similar to what you are describing. My problem was similar except that merely opening the piano roll would promptly re-introduce me to my desktop wallpaper. n-Track would just quit. I usually had to reboot to get everything back.

I finally did the following;

1. Un-install V4.0 demo version.
2. Un-install V3.3.
3. Fresh install of V3.3.

All is OK so far…

I have a Yamaha PSR-??? for a MIDI keyboard and I use an EMU-1820m soundcard.


Have you read this yet?

thanks guys
yeah it seems checking the “keep midi devices open” box seems to send my whole operation to outer space, but thanks for the help. at this stage i’d pay 200 euro for a version of n track that ran perfectly for me, but if i cant get this midi thing to stand up i dunno what options are left to me. (cuz i do love to n). if i sort it out i’ll let you know!!! :p

I have an Edirol UA-20 and have similar problems. The UA-20 works fine with other free midi software, but N-Track sames to lock up the Midi. I have updated the drivers to the 10th sept version but still no good.

I have been playing with the audio side and was thinking of registering my copy but this midi problem is really bad.

Is there no one out there with a solution to this?

I have finally found a way of using n-track with the UA-20!!!

I have found a copy of version 2.3 and this does not lock up!!!

Is there any way of fixing what ever was broken by later versions?

If not what features am I missing by using this old version?