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Hey anyone&everyone
I installed windows service pack2 about a week ago and it totally made my poor computer go crazy. All of my programs kept giving me errors and would freeze. Needless to say it never did this with pack1. I would seriously consider not downloading and installing it. I just did a complete format last night. To format, I had to put my windows disc in and set my boot default to rom device, be sure to do a complete format. I hope this is of some help to everybody. I know version4 has a few bugs but it was shutting down continually with service pack2. Maybe I’m the only one with issues about it, but I doubt it.

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The uninstall of SP2 didn’t work for you? SP2 backs up everything and should have cleanly uninstalled.

After a lot of thought and consternation, I installed SP2 on this machine. No ill effects whatsoever. Of course, I disabled the MS firewall in favor of my already installed and configured Zone Alarm.


no probs here



I installed SP2 a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had any problems either.

I figured I would be the only one with problems!!! Thats the way it always is :) I tried uninstalling it after disabling firewall and everything(no luck) I couldn’t roll back either. I’m reinstalling everything now :) Glad no one else is having problems.

Maybe one of your drivers needed to be updated?

I remember when I upgraded from NT4.0 to Windows 2000 - that was a complete nightmare! Windows put a dialog telling that everyone of my drivers needed to be updated, including my Iomega zip drive. I mean you would think MS would have a driver for this device considering the qazillions of zip drives there were around.

Anyways, I had to download all the drivers from work (because I couldn’t get on the net), install them, before I was up & running again.

I’m glad those days are over (knock on wood)!!!

I have XP.
My DAW is never connected to the internet.

Do I need to install SP2?



If it is not conected to the net, I would forget about SP2. I don’t see any down deep enhancements. It is all security eye candy so far as I can tell…

Quote (pete @ Sep. 09 2004,08:40)
The uninstall of SP2 didn't work for you? SP2 backs up everything and should have cleanly uninstalled.

Coming from a business IT background, I can report that MS service packs of all OS and versions, once installed and then uninstalled absolutely do not roll back 100% of the system changes they apply.

In other words, applying a SP is a partially permanent process to that OS image. We are of course not told what part of it is permanent. We have to wait until stuff breaks, roll back the patch and see that stuff is still broken.

Then we hope the registry hack necessary for us to unbreak the broken stuff is documented by someone, somewhere.



99% of all SP2 related user issues are related to the firewall. It might be a good idea to disable it but keep in mind this could be a sign of pending security holes that pre-existed before you installed SP2.

Also be aware the SP2 has problems with many firewire devices and slows them down considerably.

I loaded the msdn 260MB of SP2 about 6 weeks ago on one of my VM music partitions and in my opinion it is the best service pack release MS has ever made right out of the gate.

best of luck…

Another thing that can give SP2 fits is running/installed spyware (and viruses). ALWAYS make sure your machine is clean of spyware before installing SP2.

Microsoft has issued a warning about not installing SP2 if there is any spyware running on your computer. They suggest running Adaware to check for problems before installing SP2, or they say your computer could hang up and stop working.

Among other things, they tell you to remove spyware on this page, but they don’t go into all the details of what can happen:

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Good link though. I hadn’t seen it. Thanks!