setting all aux paths?

Been a while since I’ve been around (the ole login didn’t work and had to recreate it, probably just forgot what I actually registered under), and I just upgraded to 4.2 after years of 3.x usage. So here’s my question:

Is there any way to set the aux send mode for every channel? It defaults to sending pre-fader and pre-inserts, when I often want it post everything. I can just change it for each track, but that can be a pain.

Specifically in this case, I’m working on a project I start in 3.x, and had a couple of tracks that I would mute for some sections by setting the volume envelope to zero, and unfortunately the default behaviour of 4.x sends it to the aux channel still. I know there are other ways of doing things to get around this, but as this is what the old project has, I’d rather not have to mess with it a lot, and for future old project, I’d rather not have to change each of 3+ aux channels on 25+ tracks to post-fader.

Thanks, and good to be back!


That’s funny: it should default to post fader & EQ since the principal use is for FX. Pretty sure it does with V3, and I’ll check when I get the chance. Not sure whether it should default to pre or post plugins, that’s debatable.

This might just be an oversight or bug going from V3 to V4.

I’m running V3 – could folks running V4 verify that the default is what azwr says? That is, to see whether it’s everyone or just him. (These things happen!)


They were all post insert and post fader in my quick test of V4.2, build 2088 (on my work machine), but the send faders were all at -25.0. That was enough send level to have output from all tracks to both AUX 1 and AUX 2 returns. They should default to -Inf, and always did in the past as far as I can remember. The trickle of signal could give the impression of being pre-fader since signals that low show up in the meters pretty well.

Thanks for the messages guys … it must have just been something odd with opening a v3 sng file in v4. When I create a new song, all the defaults are post, as expected. I’m not really needing to load in too many old projects, so it’s not that much of a pain to change it manually for those few.