Setting up a rig for church...

MOTU 24 I/O and an old Athlon

I have spent the evening setting up a recording rig to connect up to our sound system at church. It’s gonna rawk.

MOTU PCI 424 card with 24 I/O interface (24 channels!)

Piece o’ crap OLD Athlon XP 1400 PC with two 100GB hard disks… (Hey… it’s all I gots at the moment…)


Record the P&W services to internal hard disk.
Move data to USB drive.
Mix, tweak, overdub etc… at home.

Come up with a CD’s worth of good material.
Give ‘em away… FREE

Money in da’ bank! :laugh:


I would tie that in with another ministry in the church and sell them for five bucks or whatever to support helping some other folks out. Folks usually like giving more when they get something out of it too. Human nature I reckon.
Great idea D.

FWIW - we regularly record our 11:00 AM Sunday Service and put it on our website in MP3 format. Congregants can also purchase CD versions for $3.00, if they prefer. We experimented with recording the services in multitrack so that we could do some post-production tweaking. Eventually we abandoned the multitracking and just concentrated on getting the live take as good as we can make it. The tweaking process proved too long and unweilding to be practical. We want the service up on the website within an hour or two of the actual service and there was no way to tweak it effectively in such a short time frame. (Previously we streamed it live)

Just be aware that the time commitment for what you are about to do is considerable.

I appreciate the concern gents, but this ain’t my first rodeo! :laugh:

The P&W service and Pastor’s message will still go on a CD recorder fed from the FOH mixers 2-buss. These can be quickly duped and handed out after service or at the next service. So that stays the same.

The multi-track rig is so we can capture a bunch of performances, tweak about ten or twelve of them into “pro” sounding as we can including overdubs if needed. All of our instruments except drums are direct feeds so duplicating the exact sound for overdubbing is easy. These we give away to visitors and maybe sell to raise some money for whatever.

Been here dun’ dis… :laugh:


You ain’t never been on a bull in yer life - rodeo - what you talkin’ ‘bout rodeo?

Our service broadcast lag time is one week - then only the “sermon” is posted as a podcast on iTunes.
While we love our worship time it’s never recorded. I reckon if Jesus had sang a tune and played a D-28 Martin thing’s would be different. :laugh: Don’t get me wrong music is very important just not our main focus and bein’ a small church resources are minimal except for the band WE ROCK!

Once you get it up and going, and have a CD ready for fundraising, let me know.


You ain't never been on a bull in yer life

I sure have waded through a lot of it though! :p

I have a good friend that raises bulls for the PBR Association. He's has bulls that will fetch more money than all of my worldly possessions are worth.

I've seen these monsters in action. Get ON one? I may be nuts, but I ain't THAT NUTS!! :laugh:

Will do Kev... :agree:


The recordings will serve as good learning/improving tools for the musicians - to be able to listen back to how the arrangements sound, or the various parts or the harmonies or the flow between songs or…

I don’t know for sure but you may want to check your CCLI on the legality of recording and distributing the musical part of your services. I think it’s ok to record them for giving away in the church or just charging enough to cover costs, but if you start to make money out of them I suspect it’s a different issue and the copyright owners may deserve a cut… Unless of course you are doing all original material :slight_smile:

As far as using this is a learning and self examination tool, I am thinking along the same lines Mark. It worries me though that some of them are gonna think “Wow… I’m awful.” and give up. This has to be “played” very carefully…

Yeah, P&W leader dude needs to check on licensing issues for sure. I have thought about it but I’m not sure he has!


My oldest friend in the world (since 9th grade anyway) works at CCLI in Portland - I’ll check with him for ya.

You rock PW… but you knew that. :agree:


oh shush it…

Ok - Dave just called - Hey Dave - Is Dave there… No man this is Dave… Anyway

You can record and sell your live performances with your CCLI license, limit of selling price is $4.00 for CD $12.00 for DVD/Video.

Not a problem to give them away at all. The church’s license covers it.

Thanks Poppa.

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Yep - Dave and I been doing that one on the phone for 25 years or so - He calls n’ says, Tom - Dave - I say… Dave’s not here man… Guess you gotta be there…