setting volume for several tracks with one fader

Can I do this? How?

Suppose I have three mics on a drum set. I’ve recorded three mono tracks, one of each mic. I’ve set the faders for the three tracks so the drum set sounds good. From now on, as I’m mixing, I just want one fader to control these three tracks together. What’s the best way to do this? Can I send the three tracks to another track called drums? How. (I know I could mix down these three tracks and open the wave as a new track, but then what if I decide to tweak the original mix of the three tracks; I’d have to burn another drum mix. I want to keep things flexible.) :cool:

Right click each drum track and select “Output to…” and send your drum tracks to a Group. If none are present, it defaults to Group 1. Now the Group 1 fader will control the drums. The Group control has an effects slot too. You can drop a compressor or reverb etc in there if you want/need too…


Aaaaaaah! Many thanks, that’s just what I wanted.

Eh… I left out select “Properties” after the right-click. Glad you figured it out despite my lame-o typing skills… :)