settings for laptop

are there special configurations that should be set for using the program on laptops? I’m running winXP home on a compaq AMD 3500+ with a SBLive 24 bit external USB card, and I’m getting clicks when I playback stuff in ntrack (only in ntrack, the same files playback fine on winamp). Also the CPU usage is like 20% when I use the default buffer setting, and it drops to 8% when I use the highest buffer setting. the program also crashes here and there when I change settings. I never had these things happen on my old desktop. are there specific ways I should be running this thing on a laptop?

also, when I use a large buffer setting for recording, does the program compensate for that and push the recorded stuff forward in the timeline so it lines up with the rest of the tracks? or is there just going to be a lag?


The same tweaks for a desktop DAW also apply to a laptop DAW and maybe a few extras. Go to MusicXP and do their recommended tweaks and see if that helps. If not, we can dig a little deeper.

Good luck!


PS I run n-Track (occasionally) on my Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop using a Tascam US-122 USB interface. Using the ASIO 24 bit driver, I get excellent performance and very little latency. This thing has a lousy 4200rpm hard disk too… so I am amazed that it does well. What speed is your laptop’s HD?

I was gonna mention the slower HD thing, but you beat me to it. I replaced my orginal 4200RPM with a 7200RPM a few months ago and it works great - I’ve been using it to track drums - recording 10-tracks while playing back 5-6 tracks (at 24/44.1).


yea I have 5400rpm, I should do a data transfer rate test and see what the streaming capability is…