SFZ will not show up

In n-Track or Acid

i just downloaded SFZ and some soundfonts, and put both the .dll and .exe in my vst plugins folder. it does not show up in either instrument list. how can i get it to show up?

a corrupted download? Have you tryed the .exe if works?

no, the .exe does not work either. it comes up, but my midi input will not trigger it when it is selected.

Those sound like different problems. The exe version sounds like a midi routing problem. The other sounds like the instrument list isn’t being refreshed. You did close the program and reopen, right? N only checks for instruments during the initial opening of the program (in v4. in v3.x it happens when you first open the fx list). It doesn’t refresh the rest of the time. So you need to close the program and reopen it. If you did this and still problems, then try this. insert a blank audio track. Click on “effects” and then “open effects list window”. Then click on the “settings” button. Close to the bottom, there is a dialoge box at bottom labeled “Show”. There are several radio button options. one of them is VST Instruments. Click on this. This will automatically refresh the vst instruments list. While you are here, make sure SFZ is listed under the “enabled effects” side. If it is under the disabled effects side, then move it over. If it does not show up at all, then make sure you have inserted it into the right folder and get back to us.