ever watch this show?

The show is based on 5 or 6 wealthy people listening and taking notes to guests who have inventions, products or services that they need funding for.
High dollar deals.
One or some of the investors drop out after the pitch, or some team up to loan the desired amount based on conditions.
It’s all very cool
and I foolishly dream of going in front of them based on my ability to write songs.
Ain’t ever gonna happen, and this show is as close as I’ll ever get to any large funding :D but it’s fun to dream

Is there a minnow tank?

Dragons’ Den in the Uk (’_Den)

It amazes me how poor some folks are at even basic maths with appalling business cases…

“My anticipated turnover is $1m a year of which I make $500,000 profit. I want you to lend me $10m and you can have 5% of my business.”

I don’t like the way that this progging requires you to be both an ideas person and a business person. The two attributes are not normal bed-mates. It represses creation.
I have a friend who is an eye surgeon. We’ve drunk a lot of wine together and talked about the fact that he couldn’t have become one, had he not been an academic. I fixed his ancient French bed.

Oh yeah guys I would love your show I’ll check out the link.
Every session in the shark tank
One of the investors will say something like; 'instead of $80,000 for 35% of the business
I’l lend instead; 75,000 for 51% because you have no business sense.
I say ok :) But you guys being musicians know very well that 75,000 wouldn’t even get the wheels rollin, would probably take at the least 250,000 And that wouldn’t be enough to do it right

Draggins and Sharks, talk about sleepless night and endless tours

You know, my dad just retired from the angel investing business. He’d find folks with business plans and no money, and then folks with money looking for businesses to invest in. Some of the most profitable were direct to disc horror movies, which would cost as little as 25-50,000 to make, and would return largish multiples of that.

Man that is really an interesting job your dad had. He would probably like ‘Shark Tank’ :O
There ya go Thomas write a horror song, pops got conections.

Well, he’s retiring right now, at 81 years, and it’s always a mistake to mix family and business anyway. :)

Ya and at 81 he’s really earned the right to retire.
Cheers to your pop

He does not want to, however. Who would with interesting work like that to do? :agree:

Ya know you missed my point really. It wasnt for you to ask him for backing but instead to use his contact list to contact movie makers to sell them on your writing. Just a thought slugger

I’v got some coffin titles that might inspire you, I wAs inspired by bubba for thee titles
You can have um

Let’s hear 'em!

:) ok, give me a min to find them
  1. 'Thee Coffin Collection
    2. 'Live at The Coffin’
    3. 'No Pops or Clips In Da Coffin’
    4. 'I Left My Heart At The Bottom 0f The Coffin’
    5. ‘Honey, Coffin Reminds me of U!’

I like “live at the coffin” - could it be “live from the coffin”?


Go with an English theme? Live from the Bloody Coffin? :)