She's Not There

Cover of the old Zombies toon

Over on KvR this month, the competition is covers, specifically of artists who have done Peel Sessions in honour of the passing of John Peel…

I have had fun doing The Zombies ‘She’s Not There’ since Rod Argent wrote it, and did Peel sessions…

You can find it here

And any comments about it will be from here onwards
(tho you might have to go looking…)

So there you go!

I used v4 for this - worked well…


I was a big John Peel Listener during the late 70s and early 80s. The Fall were a local band, who did lots of Peel sessions. The Fall went on to be cult favs. John Peel (RIP) will be sadly missed by all original artists looking for radio airplay, he was prepared to take a chance, not like most DJs today on mainstream radio. You always heard some interesting music on the Peel show.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
You certainly added your own twist to it :)

The instrumental tracks are awesome. Good job.

Kept wanting to hear the melody in the vocals. Just my opinion. (Shatner and Sellers would probably lean toward your approach :p )


Your cover made me smile - very cool treatment of the song. Your backing tracks really capture that retro Austin Powers feel of the '60s. :cool:

The whiney “She’s not there” version. What a hoot! I loved that song and now I have all the words.

well, glad you chaps liked it!