She Said

I welcome your comments


I won’t pre-empt anything by giving any details about the song, except to say that it’s a demo.

I welcome your expert comment boys (and girls if there are any here! )

She Said


Hey Beefy Steve,

A pleasure to listen to. Sound, mix, vox all really good. From a strictly song point of view, on the first listen I was expecting a small drum part (maybe stick across instead of snare) near the guitar break in the middle, but after the 2nd time through, the song does flow nicely. You singing all the harmonies?

Sounds pro man.


Beefy Steve,

I agree with dlachance; I also expected to hear a light drum track, either rim or brushes. I think the fact that I didn’t get what I was expecting is an endearing quality to the song. Predictability irks me, personally. On that same note, the eq on the vox (voces) seems a little different than what one is used to. I am a big fan of different! I detect a little influence of CSN in the vocal arrangement, but definitely not a direct copy. All these things please me! I like that’s not too overdone; it can definitely fit a nice role on an album. Kudos!

Steve - I like it, especially the vocals! I would definitely bring a bass in at the 2nd verse or so. I would probably bring the vocals up a bit in the mix, and a simple rhythm track (brought in late) might also be quite nice. I would also shorten the intro - 1 time acoustic, plus one time with the electric is a suggestion.

Hey that’s really nice. Overall pleasing tone, very nice harmony vox, good melody, and solid lyrics.

I don’t think you intended this as a finished product so pardon any over dissecting of what’s already obvious to you:

–Acoustic rhythm guitar is to brassy and loud; it overpowers vocals in places and distracts
–Like the others I’d want to hear a nice mellow Byrds drum/bass thing going on–rhythmically tight (no busy fills or bass noodling) but lilting all the same
–Lead guitar needs some sweetening with reverb/delay and either doubling the part or with a harmony part; currently it’s a bit dry and empty, but it’s a really nice melodic part
–I’m wanting to hear a bridge after 2nd verse to break the rhythmic and harmonic pattern
–Make sure chorus lyrics are pure hook, no extra and “Do you believe in love?” is hard to use, since it risks being cliche (ok I would say it is)

But this is a #### nice tune. I can imagine this on a Thorns album.


Thanks for all the suggestions, I apreciate you all taking the time to listen and comment.

However, neither the song, nor the performance is mine. It’s the Son of Beefy.
He finally decided to record some of his stuff, so I put my DAW at his disposal.

The annoying thing is, that after a ten minute crash (?) course on how to use NTrack, he came up with this.
My only involvement was to denoise the tracks, put a hard limiter on the master channel just to catch a couple of peaks, and some light reverb.

All the other stuff is his, no eq, no 'nuttin.
“I just shifted the mike about till it sounded right”, he said :D

He recorded eight songs in three hours and then went down the Pub.
Ahhh… to be young again… :(

Although I agree that the song needs some work on the arrangement etc. I honestly can’t see him bothering.
Unless, maybe I do that standard Dad thing of absolutely forbidding him to. :;):

Thanks once again guys.


Eyup Steve,

Sorry for the late post but just got back from 16 days in the Philippines.
The lad done well. At first I thought it was you on some of the harmonies, but Adams voice and yours are remarkably similar. Nice song and arrangement.
Annoyingly good these young 'uns. No wonder I haven’t recorded anything for months!

Eyup Mate!


just got back from 16 days in the Philippines

’ow did 'do go?

Quote (Beefy Steve @ Aug. 01 2006,19:27)
Eyup Mate!

just got back from 16 days in the Philippines

'ow did 'do go?

16 days of sun, sand and San Miguel beer, jamming with the singers in the beach bars and playing pool on tables where you had to brush off the sand and cigarette ash first!
It was hard mate! :D
However, Rob got married and we survived the trip :)