Shift Entire Song?

Can it be done by measures?

Re-working my 2 first n-track learner tunes.
Initially I recorded without any blank space at the start.
Using n-track drums, and I foolishly did not use snap to grid.
So now I want to add two blank measures at the start.
I know how to do the n-track drums by setting the piano roll to play a blank drum segment for 2 measures, no problem.
But is there a way I can automatically (easily) shift all the wave tracks to the right two measures?
Or do I just have to drag them manually and zero in on exact placement by trial and error?

Hi. Hang on. I think you can re-apply the grid…?

try Edit- Selection- Select all then move with crosshair icon on any track. I think that’s it.

You’re good, Pop :laugh: :agree:

You can also copy and past the entire song if your feeling adventurous :)

I combined your ideas, TonyR and Poppa, thanks :agree: .
Learned that I could turn on grid and just line up existing leading edges of tracks, and it doesn’t move the whole track in time.
And then, as you said Poppa, easily moved entire song out.
Not too adventuresome at the moment Levi, I launched into trying to use n-track drums with piano roll and have some new odd problems I am trying to get around.
Using one of the built in sequences and for some reason the first kick drum beat gets lost unless I stop playback during the leading 4 blank measures and then resume from that point.

Hi, you can highlite the track you want to move, move it forward or back by using the using the mouse to move it. You can double click on the “time box” and enter whatever time you want and move the cursor to any point on the time line. You can then also, provided your using a newer version of N-Track “apply” the “move track to cursor” or “move cursor to front/back” of a track. In essence, you can place any track, at any point on the time line, with the added benefit of snapping the track to the cursor position (including setting the cursor position manually by double clicking on the clock and editing it) be it front of the track or rear, and or manually nudging it into place. Full control.

Hope this helps,


Hey Paco great, I have latest n-track, I new the older shift stuff but you clued me into the move track to cursor.

Glad to help out anytime…Just …um leave your wallet at the door and any roaches you might have…ok??

PACO :laugh:

Will vectors on automation be shifted as well? If not, is there a way to have the vectors shifted?