Shifting Tracks

What About Envelopes?

With grids on, I can easily shift to the right, any, and all tracks.
But the envelopes don’t shift.
And worse, they seem to get corruppted.
Some go from
flat to a long sloped fade out.
Is there a trick I am missing? Anyone else seen the
envelope issue?

hmmm - just tested it and all the envelopes and nodes move perfectly with track movement. I don’t see any options on it though.

only happens on some tracks.
maybe it is a setting, or just a resource issue.
have had some odd things when I try to overload my system.
here is before and then after, only some tracks.

interesting - which one has been moved? or is this after trying to move?

For this one I selected all tracks, and then shifted right two measures.
The top one is track 1 and its envelope got messed with on the shift.
track further down got the same, but the rest were ok.
I also tried just shifting track one and it still gets messed with.
I’m going out in the sun and do some outside work for a while and think about it.
(Besides somebody here is hinting I am spending too much time working on this stuff.
She might be right) :whistle:

Well a couple of days of sunshine helped me out (thanks Mrs. ping).
Two of the tracks had the problem, and both had “fancy” self-inflicted fades I created
with nodes on the volume envelope.
I simply flattened the envelopes, and all is good.
All tracks shifted right with
envelopes and no odd corruption.
When I get time I will try to create a simple 1 track song and re-create the “fancy” fade out and see if it has the problem with shifting right (and send it to Flavio).