Ship of Theseus

it’s a puzzle song!

Well, I was bored, so wrote a song using lyrics from a well-known philosophical paradox, the ship of Theseus:

Ship of Theseus - click here!

Tom, you need to get bored more often. Great tune and sound! :D

1 thing tho, I know I sound like a stuck needle on a phonograph platter, but,

BRING THE VOCALS OUT MORE PLEASE! Maybe more dry signal on vocal would help?

My 6th listen and I’m thinking the reverb effect on the vocal is great, maybe just a little bit more dry signal?

STILL SOUNDS GREAT! Just my nit picking, ignore me.


Well, Yaz, the vocals on this one are buried and swamped in delay for a reason… :D

Hey, somebody named Teague posted this song on a soundclick radio station! :D

Thanks Yaz!

I’ve seen that Teague fella, old grey and ugly dude! It’s downright scarey!

Is this ship left or right? I wanna know! :D

That’s for me to know and you to find out! :D

So which ‘axe’ was used Tom? PRS, Strat, Tele, LP, hybrid?

That was actually the ric 6 string with the PRS for the (ahem) “solo” (I put that in “scare” quotes for a reason…) :D

Well I can truthfully say that after 25 or so listens the guitar solo is just fine in my book!

Rules for playing a guitar solo.
1. Feeling
2. Feeling
3. Feeling

Without that it’s just technical nonsense to me. :cool: