Shopping Spree!

I spent 8 hours this past Sunday at Guitar Center.

I left with the following:

Digitech GNX3000

Roland TD-3SV

Ibanez RD500

Yamaha MG16/4

I also left about $2K poorer, but thus far I’m completely thrilled with my purchases. :cool:

Some observations:

The GNX3K kicks serious butt! I tried all the modellers and was sold on the Digitech. If you have doubts about the GNX series … look no further than this website: MFX Super Series. It is a major upgrade from my ten year old Digitech RP-12.

It’s nice having a mixer. I’m now running everything into the mixer (even the outs from my firewire interface) and running the group buss back into the firewire interface. Even my computer’s soundcard is fed back into the mixer. Now I can actually hear my midi click track through the monitors while I record! Yay! I just select which channels I want to go to the group out and those are the only ones that get recorded. I suppose I could create some sort of feedback loop if I dumped the interface outs back into itself, but I havent tried it. Frankly I’m not sure what would happen.

Live bass beats MIDI bass any day. I’ve done some initial tests, and it just sounds so much more alive than my MIDI bass creations. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It also sounds pretty darn nice through the GNX3K.

It’s too early to comment on the Roland kit, which is sad because it was by far the most expensive item. I’ve got it all set up, but I’m having MIDI issues with N-Track at the moment and haven’t gotten to play with it much. It does sound pretty decent by itself though, even if MY timing could use some serious work!

At any rate … can you guess why I haven’t been getting much sleep lately?


Wow, “spree” it was. Cool stuff. :)

Cool!! Well done Chris.
Always fun to get new toys :)

I was reading the GNX3000 blurb and read this
"With 6-channel, 24-bit capacity, you can record four tracks while playing back two. "

I don’t quite understand how you would record four tracks …
You have 1 guitar plugged into the unit… it processes the sound and outputs the affected sound… what are the other 3 tracks ???
I guess 1 could be a dry signal which is cool so you can re-amp it later.

Am I missing something really simple?

I doubles as a USB audio interface… it has Mic ins (XLR) and line ins… so with a mixer you have a 4 channel interface.

ahhh… righto… that’s pretty cool if you don’t have a multi I/O card already.

Bit different to my old Boss ME-5 pedal board :)

I must be getting old when technology seems to be progressing faster than I can keep up …

Cue Homer:
Mmmmm… Toys…


Here are some pictures I took last night of “the studio”:

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That’s awesome, nice setup. I’m jealous