Should I (critique please) need fresh ears

Need a fresh set of ears for critque.

Quote: (rockin4themaster @ Dec. 16 2007, 5:12 AM)

Need a fresh set of ears for critque.

Bill, we can't listening without registering on the site where you've posted the file. Is there somewhere else you could post the song?

Same problem here :(

Opps Sorry! Thy this one.…93&q=hi

Here is the Soundclick page. The song is "Should I"


Nice song Bill,

The vocals and harmonies are great. Some very nice guitar breaks, especially around 2.20’. The only thing I would be tempted to tweak is the mix on the drums, playing is absolutely fine but the cymbals are a little in your face in the verse, and the snare is a little indistict by comparison. But that’s just a personal and very humble opinion :) Of course the ultimate test is listening in the car :laugh:
Good stuff!

I agree with Bruffie on the mix.

I would like to hear the vocal “fattened” up a little on the verses. Just a matter of personal preference though. Nice tune!

Thanks for the listen and comments. I am in the process of tweaking the drums. I agree… the hats especially are very hot. I’ll play with the vox a bit too.

Great tune and playing. Singing is excellent, more in the mix please.
All cymbals are a little too hot I think, kick and snare sorta lost in mix maybe, then again I could be wrong.
Good work!


Thanks Yaz.
Still working on mix.

Hi Bill,

Excellent work as ever my friend. Just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.


Thanks Mark