Should I re-purchase n-Track?

Opinions on latest versions?

Hey all, long time no see.

I recently converted my garage into a studio. It took forever, but it’s finally done.

I haven’t done any audio work in about a year and I don’t really want to upgrade all the expensive software (Samplitude and such) I was using before my hiatus.

…anyway, I’d like to hear the strait dope on what Flavios current users think of the latest, greatest versions. Good and bad.

Should I repurchase n-Track?

I love n-track. I think it can’t be beat for the price. Flavio seems to answer emails in a timely fashion and there are lots of users on this forum. Again, for the money, ntrack can’t be beat.

Welcome back Kevin!!! Long time no see!

I suggest giving the demo a try. It’s as disabled as it use to be, but that’s not TOO much to be able to answer what you ask…sort of.

Stability is still an issue on some machines, but not others. Not much has changed in that department.

It requires .NET, which some folks have had problems with. Usually any specific .NET issues is because there were and are many versions of .NET beta and release or “whatever” versions running around. Regardless n-Tracks seems to be a bit picky about working with just the right version (the latest .NET is what you want). On top of that, getting .NET upgraded to the latest .NET doesn’t always work as expected since the upgrade sometimes required uninstalling the previous .NET. Not doing that can cause funkiness that is hard to nail down, especially when going from the beta .NET to the “final” .NET.

V4 is much more of a resource hog than V3. That’s generally an issue with older machines, and songs that have a lot of tracks. Faster machines with lots of memory makes the issue much more of a non-issue, but it’s stiff there. Along those lines, V4 calculates CPU usage in a different way that makes the shows usage be more realistic. It shows higher numbers, with 100% used being the break point of where there should be audible drop out, as opposed to a more global CPU usage number that could mask when dropout could happen. There is a way to switch between the two methods.

I have to set the buffering higher than the default when moving to V4 for V3. That’s an obvious sign that “something” is taking more “something” in V4.

While V4 will import V3 songs, it doesn’t always work as expected. Some song import fine – others flat out fail for who-knows-what reason. It’s usually a plug-in problem (that can be workaround by removing the plug-in, importing the song so the plug-in is stripped out, saving the song to a new filename), but not always. I don’t think V4 will import V2 songs at all.

You’ll more than likely be better off finishing any V3 songs then starting V4 songs from scratch unless they are simple and import fine.

I love some of the new functionality and don’t what to live without them, while some new bells and whistles are the first things I turn off.

And, some of the old long standing quirks, and a few bugs, are still there.

There seems to be some kind of memory corruption happening on some machines when editing in a way that will cause the tracks to be rearranged, or will for a redraw of the track window – editing parts by dragging them around or copy and pasting them, and when doing some kinds of MIDI editing (probably a similar issue to forcing a redraw. It seems video related and could be video hardware specific, or more likely doesn’t happen with specific types of video cards. This has been a hard one to pinpoint.

Enough for now?

Yeah, it sounds like the same old workarounds to small problems that have historically (mostly) been hardware related, IMO.

That said, I doubt any software is totally without these little issues.

I don’t care about the midi issues. That’s not my bag.

I see there’s a new price, but it’s still very reasonable considering the effort that goes into the software support and development.

Do all the plugins now come bundled with the program? I don’t see any prices on them.

I think I’ll download the demo tomorrow and give it a twice-over to see how it likes my hardware.

Thanks for the info phoo.


Do all the plugins now come bundled with the program? I don’t see any prices on them.

Yes, and more.