Should I replace my M-Audio Audio Buddy

with a Soundcraft Compact 4 mixer?

I’m looking for something more versatile and the Soundcraft Compact 4 is in my price range. Supposedly with the Soundcraft I won’t need a powered DI box. So I guess I could sell my Audio Buddy. How do the two compare as far as noise level? Anyone out there with experience with both who can help me? Thanks.

Well, I haven’t tried the Soundcraft mixer myself, although I’ve been considering getting one, too. But really, it’s hard to compare the two – any multi-channel mixer is going to be a huge step up in flexibility, signal routing, etc., from the AudioBuddy, which is just a miniature two-channel preamp with no EQ or other features. The Soundcraft would almost certainly be a better direct box for instruments, although the AB works OK in that regard.

The Soundcraft is particularly full-featured for a sub $100 mixer. As for noise levels, all the reviews on call it “nice and quiet”. One says it’s “quieter than the Behringer UB802;” I have one of those, and an AudioBuddy, and my 802 is pretty darn quiet. I don’t think you’re going to have a noise problem with the Soundcraft.

The other one I was considering in the same price range is the Peavey PV6, but for only 10 bux more, the Soundcraft is a much more sophisticated tool.

If you get one, let me know how you like it! :)


You are talking about the quality of the preamps of both products?
I heard -heard- that soundcraft preamps are quite nice, but if you dont need so desesperate the mney, conservating the audio buddy is a good idea. Their are decent, and can be usefull in some moment, very portable plus.

I hear the monitoring and routing is good on the SC

I just purchased a Compact 10 a couple of weeks ago (same as Compact 4, only more channel strips). Although I haven’t done much with it yet, what I have done I’m quite pleased with. I think the mic preamps are very good quality for the money spent. And I really like the routing flexibility.

I had an Audio Buddy mic preamp once but returned it because 1) didn’t have full 48V phantom power and 2) couldn’t get the gain I needed on dynamic mics (might have been a problem with my unit).


Hi !

I agree with Marce.

The souncraft mixers are awesome (I have a Spirit Folio Lite) but if you don’t need the moolah I wouldn’t get rid of the audiobuddy.

You might be in a situation where it makes sense having an outboard preamp or phantom power or whatever.

But you will enjoy the flexibillity of the mixer.
If you want to get rid of the audiobuddy do it after you got the soundcraft and then compare the two. If it really doesn’t matter then flog off the AB…

Just my .02


I have two Soundcraft mixers for recording and use another for live work quite regularly. All are excellent.

I’ve used Soundcraft’s Support on a number of occasions and had good experiences there too.

Having read the reviews and specs of the Compact 4/10 series, it seems to be a very sensible mixer with plenty of home recording targeted routing options.