should i try n-track

i’m new to home recording and i need some software. i know this depends on the computer i have. well, i’m not looking to go crazy until i get a newer computer so i want to try something relatively easy. Been on mutliple forums and many programs were suggested…tracktion, music creator, sonar, etc…and now i’m here once again. i heard of n-tracks longs ago and i think it was free at the time. how easy is this program? can it do what most others do or maybe just to a lesser degree? explain what you can and tell what you truely think for a newbie like myself… thanks

The best answer for you is to download the trial version. It is fully functional for about 30 days…or something like that. This will get you to your answer.

Otherwise, it will allow you to do almost anything any other sequencer will do for you. Plus, there are frequent upgrades, features and patches.

In summary, it allows the easy things to be easy, and the hard things to be hard…if that makes any sense. :)

No, don’t try it, you will find yourself doing music stuff for hours at a time, better to just sit and watch TV.


Traction and Sonar are both great programs, so are Cubase, ProTools, Logic, Audition, but go compare features and cost with n-Track. You will probably want this program. Keep in mind you are asking fans of the software here. Also, keep this in mind - just as there were always issues with tape, there will be issues with DAW recording setups - and it takes a bit of tweaking to get your setup stable and working as well as possible, usually. This is true of all programs. :( On the plus side, I have had only one serious problem with n-Track in 6 or 7 years of using it. For beginners it’s a great place to start, and lots and lots of us haven’t moved on. I don’t think I will until the developer stops updating the program. That doesn’t look like it will happen for years and years and years. :D