Shure ????

help me please …

What is the latest new SHURE.

SM58, SM57 or SM57 beta ??????

Um, the SM57 and sm58 are oldies but goodies. The Beta 58 is “in the tradition” of the 58. Here is the Beta 58:

Compare it with the SM 58:


What do you think about Rode NT2000

I have a rode, not that one, but they make great mics.

What do you want to do with this mic? I mean, the SM57, Sm58, Beta 57, etc. all have their uses. How new it is really has very little to do with how “good” it is. As far as the latest mic in their line, the KSMs are probably it, but they are not dynamics. As for the Rode, that is a condensor, so it will be completely different than the Shures you listed. Tells us more about what you want to achieve and we can answer your question much better.