Sign of the Times completed

WARNING: Strong Emotional Content!

Danny Milligan - Sign Of The Times Video @ Youtube

Hey Danny, I get a message that the video has been removed.


Yeah, I deleted it, Mark. After consideration, I realized that people generally don’t want messages in their music, at least not ones that make them feel bad, so I cut it. I’ll post the master track at musician’s collaboration and see if anyone wants to take a swing at writing something new for it…

No, you should post it again, Danny. It’s the best thing artistically I’ve heard from you, by far. I say this, although I think we have slightly different positions on the issue.

Alright, I reuploaded the video to youtube…

Danny Milligan - Sign Of The Times @ Youtube

Has anyone even checked it out, or did I waste my time in re-uploading it?

Well, you know I did!

It is rather challenging, so perhaps people don’t want to comment.

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 04 2011, 12:32 PM)

Well, you know I did!

It is rather challenging, so perhaps people don't want to comment.

I had a listen too.

I'm not going to comment on the message.

On the music front I think you have some excellent ideas - good arrangement skills, well put together, etc. Very talented.

On the negative side I think your production skills let you down.

Why not get someone here to have a go at mixing the raw tracks? UJ's always chasing down Tom for his tracks.


Grabbed it on’th Tube before you pulled it. As above, Danny.

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 04 2011, 12:54 PM)

Grabbed it on'th Tube before you pulled it. As above, Danny.

It's gone again?

production can be tricky, it all about the cuts, Rick Rubin, now there’s a guy who can cut some platinum. :agree:

as an artist sometimes these things take time, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it, YoTUbe just doesn’t like my audio set up…but one thing I have noticed Danny from your body of work is your playing is on spot, you really love what your doing and it shows, so you shouldn’t need to come in here and gain the approval of anyone to feel good about your music and your dream, but certainly take the constructive criticism these guys are in the know in that area, and seems at least at first glance that you have got a good thing going here.

Just watching the video, and scrolling lyrics> Hell is for Children vibe… :peace:


Yes, Hell Is For Children definitely would be in the same class, but oddly enough, even though I love that song, it never entered into my thinking until just now when I read what you said about it. This originally started out as “Blood On The Streets” about a month ago, and was strictly about abortion. Then I started to think about how little girls grow up with their dolls, playing Mommy, and what puts them in the position that they turn their backs on all the things that seem to come to them, instinctively. I think the whole crushing weight of that responsibility suddenly lands on them, and of course, the “sperm donor” wants no responsibility, and usually parents can’t be counted on (at first) to be supportive.

Although I am completely against abortion, I DO understand why young girls do it, because they have been trapped in a role by the society around them. The ones that sicken me are not the children who shy away from having children, but the many MANY adults who have multiple abortions. They have no excuse. They know the consequences of their actions, and still refuse to exercise responsibility. To me, the very worst part is the Liberal Establishment that has their own agenda behind this. If you say ANYTHING in opposition, they start screaming “You mean, if a 15 year old girl is raped by her Father, you’d force her to have the baby?” and try to turn your love for the innocent victims of this into some kind of monstrous selfishness. The truth is that less than 1/10th of one percent of abortions are performed because of rape, incest OR to save the mother’s life. They play on people’s emotions, and try to hide the truth of a heartbreaking statistic: Three Million children are aborted every year, in the USA. Less than 20% of those numbers are Children who are having children, the rest are Adults who just refused to exercise Judgment and Responsibility, both the Father AND the Mother.

That’s when this became not so much about Abortion, nor about horrible parenting that pushes young girls into making such horrendous choices, but it became about the actual Culture we live in that winks at this. Someone told me last night in a forum that the world’s problems would disappear if all of us religious people would just DIE. I pointed out that for FOUR GENERATIONS, our society has moved further and further away from Morality and Faith, and that there are less religious people on this planet now than at any other point in the last 2000 years. Yet the world is worse than it has ever been, even though the non-religious people are running it and having EVERYTHING their way. Then those who are running the show want to blame the problems that exist on those of us who have faith, when there are fewer of us than ever before.

It’s a sign of the Times, and that’s what this song is about…

I’d expected to see your post respond to the comments about the musical delivery, but instead you make some passionate, heart-felt points about your song’s message.
You are very brave… :slight_smile:

I’m not going to try to argue one way or the other on this point, however it’s also interesting that Kris Vallotton, from Bill Johnson’s church in Redding, Californa, USA, says almost the opposite in his sermons about the difference between pastorate and apostolic forms of church leadership.

"Demographically, the U.S. cities that have the greatest Christian, church-going population density also have some of the worst social statistics in our country (with the exception of a few cities). In other words, the cities that have the highest crime rates, the most divorces, the greatest amount of abortions per capita, the highest levels of poverty and the poorest health statistics ALSO have the best church attendance. What we need to understand is that gathering believers for two hours on Sunday morning is NOT synonymous with cultural transformation! Pastorates are simply culturally ineffective by design"

In other words, cities with high “religion” have high crime rates (of course, there’s a whole discussion to be had here about what we mean by religion, faith, etc, but we’ll ignore that for now).

Clearly without seeing the stats, either point is impossible to validate though.

Kris’s real point though is that the current model of “church” has failed and I suspect that he is on to something.
He goes on to suggest an apostolic model rather than a pastorate model of church leadership would be necessary to transform cultures.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.

What guitar strings do you use?

I finally got on a computer that would play YoTube and the video was removed… :laugh:


No, the video is still there, the first link is dead. Look at a post about middle of the page, and you’ll find the link where I re-uploaded the video…

I just saw it… Gents…
A dose of reality going on there…

I wonder how much of this doesn’t get published in the News…

Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away…

The music fits the topic quite well, in my opinion…


Mark, the strings I have on now are Gibson .09 - .46


I’d expected to see your post respond to the comments about the musical delivery, but instead you make some passionate, heart-felt points about your song’s message.
You are very brave… :slight_smile:

Well, I wanted people to understand that even though the theme of Abortion is woven all through the video and song, it’s not about that so much as about the cultural mindset that makes this such a plague, here.

As far as production values, I hear occasional oinks, here and there, and it really aggravates the snot out of me, to be honest with you. I go back and constantly tweak the thing, over and over. I make little cuts in tracks, shift them slightly left or right, shift eq for emphasis or de-emphasis, adjust volume envelopes, get it to where I think it sounds good, and mix it down, and then the mix sounds like crap when I go back and listen to it. I know the biggest part of the problem is my voice: it’s not suited for this song, but I didn’t have anyone else to sing it, so it’s a “Me or Nuttin’!!!” situation.

It seems that the sound in the master file is so much better before I add my vocal tracks, and I’m wondering if the compression to bring the vocals up isn’t somehow causing problems, as well…

Going back into my studio now to see where I can adjust at…

Danny…I don’t know how the tackle this. I think the musical concept for the song is great.(I don’t wanna get into the politics, cos I don’t think anything on this subject is black and white) I don’t want you to take offence, but your voice doesn’t pull off the passion that you obviously feel for the subject, I’m not sure how you can get around that, but musically, very nice and the guitars are great. There seem to be a couple of small timing issues, but that’s pretty much secondary. Potentially a great song!

I agree, Willy, my voice is ruining the song, lol!