signal flow diagram

I seem to have lost my copy of the Ntrack signal flow diagram. Is there one posted somewhere or does someone else have one?

Also has the signal flow changed in Version 4?


Page 26 of the manual. :cool:

Thanks! I think I’ll remember now.

Manual! Who reads them!! :wink:

You can also find the diagram in n-Track Help.

And, you can find it here:…v4.html

I would have liked to have left out the version number in the path name, but Flavio’s site links to it there so that’s where it is.

As far as I know, the only changes after that diagram might be some of the wording for the menus for choosing the different send/return modes.

I don’t have V4, so if anyone notices anything different, let me know!

Jeff - there’s also a native compressor in v4, I’m not sure whether the signal goes EQ->Compressor or the otherway around. My feeling is that way, since NTrack displays them that way…

I’ve always really liked your schematic - it’s been a handy ref @ times!


Good point. Someone would have to do a test to figure it out, or wait until I need a bug fix bad enough to upgrade. Glad you find it handy!