Silent Disco

Due to noise regulations, instead of a PA, everyone gets wireless headphones.

This would be cool if we could convince the dorks with the thumping sub-woofers in their cars to do the same…

Glastonbury to party in silence

Cool, but kinda strange all at the same time…

The link won’t work for me for some reason. "Server not found"

Anyway, I’m with you on the thumpy car thang. Man that gets on my nerves. How many times have you been driving along in traffic all peaceful like and then BOOM! Holy S#$T!! Heart attack city… I really wish they would stop that nonsense…


Here’s the test of the article:



Glastonbury to party in silence
Revellers at Glastonbury will be partying through headphones
Revellers at this year’s Glastonbury Festival will be able to party through the night to music as loud as they want - without disturbing the neighbours.

The festival will host a “silent disco” in an effort by organisers to adhere to imposed noise restrictions.

After the noise curfew comes into force, music will be pumped into headphones given to clubbers, instead of speakers.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis’ daughter Emily came up with the idea.

Volume control

Mr Eavis said: "By using headphones the music in the venue can go on well into the night.

"We have been toying with this idea for years, trying to think of ways to combat the noise limits.

“Now Emily has finally got something together so the party can go on later into the evening without infringing the noise curfew,” he said.

"It’s a first for us, and I will be interested to see how it works."

Festival-goers at the dance tent will be given a free set of headphones complete with bass, volume and treble controls, meaning they can have the music as loud as they like.

The system has been developed by a Dutch firm, which pioneered the “silent disco” at illegal parties as part of a travelling festival in the Netherlands.

I agree with the low-end-super-subsonic-bass-assault… I don’t mind loud music, but for some reason that super-bass resonating through my cranium reminds me of why I do not own a gun.
Quote (John @ Mar. 30 2005,13:17)
I agree with the low-end-super-subsonic-bass-assault... I don't mind loud music, but for some reason that super-bass resonating through my cranium reminds me of why I do not own a gun.

I DO own a gun and it is tempting.....nah....self-preservation use only. Even then as a VERY last resort.

Heh. Wouldn't that be a hoot to peek in on that festival and watch all those people jumping, jiving and gyrating to silence? I believe I would LMAO!


Headphones…hmm. This is plainly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

They should pump different music to differnt folks and then video tape them trying to dance together. THAT would be great late night TV. :)

Yep… it sounds dumb, but once the Ecstasy(sp?) kicks inm they won’t care how silly they look.

I like phoo’s idea. :D

Awsum idea phoo! Hate it when watching a dvd and the surround cranked up when some kid in a little pickup truck goes thru the neighborhood and drowns out the surround sound with the BASS. Rattled the caulking out of the trim inside my house, now thats BAD!:(