new cut

the new track, ‘silversmith’, is up for those who care to pull it up. lyrics included, just for pops. and for anyone else, really. the wife just said she likes it, but i’m not biting yet…

i decided to recorded several guitar tracks, some strummed, some picked, some finger-picked, some arpeggiating, some block chords, some on the cheap steel-string, some on the classical, one on the electric, and then decide which one to use. i decided to keep them all. bass has an old-school sounding phaser on it that i really like (plug-in called ‘phase90’-free!). that’s about it. enjoy! or not, if you’d rather.

I need about 4 more listens … thanks for the lyric.

Had a few more listens Jason - a very nice piece of writing - nice to hear christian stuff that’s got some deep soul in it and original thought.

On the recording side the cymbals sound incredible on my monitors. (how’d you get them that way?)
Never mind - don’t tell me - I’m tossing out everything I think I know about mixing and starting over. I think my problem in mixing has been the attempt to get a mastered sound in my mixes and to me that’s a flawed thinking.

Great job Jason!

thanks for the very kind words.
i’ll tell about the cymbals anyways.
like always with me, it’s one cymbal.
a zildjian 21" ‘sweet ride’-about the only thing i splurged on.
recorded with the snare on one vocal microphone to one track.
eq’d with a little extra hi and hi-mid at certain freq’s.
recorded in a bedroom with kids running around the apartment and right outside the window.
pretty low tech.
didn’t reverb the drum track this time. i don’t think i did, anyway.

Nice JDET, really liked the bass sound!

My favorite JDET song. It reminds me of Kansas somehow. You did such a great job on the vocals, they really should be up more in the mix.

Hey really good composite sound, your vocals are better and better. Good melody, good bass track, great way the chorus picks up. - only thing is that it might be great to punch in on some of the backup vocals to get a better take, not sure about the intonation.

But I say really good tune, good lyrics, real listenable. :agree:

yeah, that bass sound is totally cool. and i agree, up the vox.

Got to agree with Yaz too. Great bass sound there!
Nice tune and a great recording. Crisp.

My headphones say turn up the vox just a little…yet I can hear every word…perhaps thats how it’s supposed to be after all!

Great stuff.

thanks all for the very nice comments! rock on, in your own standard way.

Yeah, but how did you get that bass sound?

About that “turn up the vox, although I can still hear them” - that is exactly what I want to be able to get…

the bass is the same as always with one addition, which is to say:
-fender squire p-bass w/ the tone dial on full treble straight into the board-straight into the PC
-plugins: (1) 3-band compressor with the hi turned off and the low squashed hard to even it out completely
(2) ‘helian2’ bass amp simulator. apparently not available for download anymore, but i can email
it to you if you wish. gives it a nice ‘tangy flavor’.
(3) ‘blood’ overdrive for a little presence/muscle
(4) voxengo’s ‘boogex’ guitar amp simulator for the cabinet sound
(5) 15-band eq highly tweeked lows and mids
and the final step for this song, (6) ‘phase90’ old school phaser. sounds cool on drums, voices,
all these plugins are free. is there any ohter way?

voices- i have a tendency, esp. preliminarily, to overmix voices. so i intentionally backed off on this one.