Simple playback question



This question will probably sound silly to most of you, but here it goes. I have a Delta 1010 which I use to record several instruments at once. I use Acid Pro multitrack because I use drum loops extensively. The front-end of my recording system is a Mackie 1604 which is split for recording and mixing (channels 1-8 for recording and channels 9-16 for mixing/playback).

Here is my question: After I have recorded several audio tracks and mixed them down to a stereo file, I play back the stereo file through the Mackie channels 1 and 2. I have assumed in the past that I should pan Mackie channel 1 hard left and Mackie channel 2 hard right during playback. Is this correct, or should I just leave the pan knob at 12 o’clock?

Thanks for any quidance.


Hard left, hard right panning sounds good to me otherwise you just get mono (sort of).