Simple Problems I'm Sure

Answers For A Newbie Please!

Hi all
There’s probably a very simple answer to these but:

I keep getting an ‘Error opening MIDI In device’ message everytime I open N. I’m not currently using MIDI though.

Also, ‘Multiple Audio Outputs Selected’ pops up when I close the settings/preferences page.

Lastly, the old sync problems. I’ve tried unchecking the keep audio device open etc. to no avail.
I’ve tried switching from WDM to ASIO, and ASIO won’t work, or it records 20 odd tracks all at once.

And another thing is that I’ve got a 24 bit card (Audigy 2 zs PCMCIA), and I remember checking a box that said ‘24 bit’, but it’s still recording 16 bit.

I really don’t know what I’m doing do I? I’ve read the manual too supposedly.


As for your first 2 questions…
To make things simple, I would begin by pointing EVERYTHING to your soundcard. You can always change settings later. In your preferences on the MIDI tab point it at your soundcard even if you aren’t using MIDI. On your VU meters be sure they are pointed at your soundcard also. I think you click on the little hammer on the VU’s.
I am not at my machine, but I think this is correct. Later if you change where you want to send your sounds you, can always change them one at a time.
Hope this helps a little…


Disable the metronome.