Simul Analog Effects in aux channels

seem to be heard in left channel only.

Good Morning everybody!

I’m trying to put a parallel tube screamer vst in a bass track so I put the effect in aux channel 1 and route signal there from the bass track aux send.

Problem is the overdriven sound is only in the left channel even if the aux return panning is in the middle. WTF? The dry sound is in the right. If I meddle with the aux send panning slider the overdriven sound vanishes completely if I turn the slider right. Basically there’s overdriven signal in the left and dry signal in the right.

The problem seems to be there with another effects of the same maker (twin etc.)

Strangely enuff the same thing happens if I make a group, put effect there and send multiple channel’s there that are panned to sides(or to be more specific tha are not in the middle exactly).

I would like to hear a work around over the problem. Obviously the problem has something to do with the effects being mono versions.

That plugin is probably a MONO plugin. It will not work properly on a stereo track. I would clone the track and drop the sim in the track insert NOT the AUX. That way you can blend the clean and dirty sounds with the track faders.


What some of those plug-ins do is send the effected sound to one side and the dry sound to the other. That makes them a bit of a pain to use in real time without some fancy dancing later. They are essentially stereo plug-ins that send an output that should realistically be treated as separate mono tracks, blended back to mono downstream.

Ok, thanks guys. Strangely they seem to work properly when put in individual track. Then I can pan the track with the éffects as I please.