Singer(s) wanted for collabs...

Hey guys. Due to some erm, differences of opinion in the direction the Lucid Dream project should take, I’m in the market for working with some new singers. In case you’re not aware, I’ve previously done rocky stuff, with leanings towards the ambient, proggy side of things. Think marillion, rush, queen, porcupine tree, Boston and pink floyd all melded together. If anyone wants to collab, either as a co-writer or just as a singer, I’m open to it. Hell, I’m happy to do a cd with a different singer on every song if need be…! :slight_smile:

I’m downloading Quarter

is that along the lines of what you have in mind?

jerm :cool:

Hi Jerm. Yeah, continuing that kind’ve thing. Have a listen, let me know what you think and if you’d be up for doing asnything. What kind’ve thing are you into?

I like all those bands mentioned tho I might have added Steely Dan to that list :)

you know musicians kinda music :agree:

I got about 17 min left on this DL, it will take a while till I get up to the batcave today and get everything fired up to listen, will def let you know if there’s anything I can get behind.

jerm :cool:

Hey man, no worries. I have a few tunes written at the moment, some with lyrics, some without, but am open to co-writing too, and if you have any stuff you’d like me to play on, hell, I’m a musical whore! Lol!