Sir impulses

where can I find impulse downloads? I’ve googled a bit and cant find a real good sites.


Cruiser ???

Try HERE ? There’s a whole community of convolutes there!


Yup, is the main site

Here’s some more:
Voxengo Free Impulses
Audioease IR files
Kang’s Impulses

That should keep you busy for quite a while…

Hi cruiser:
If you go to the Noisevalt Board and follow this thread, you’ll find some IR Samples on a link, there…

Just a plug… :O :p

Try’em… see what you think…


WOW! Thanks a lot guys!


Nice rev…!

Get the lexicon 91 impulses. some of the best I’ve heard. also you can design your own impules using this

where are the lexicon impulses?


At noisevault, under “lexi” in the impulse section.

Great! thanks Tom.

Cruiser :D

Does SIR work on Mac?
I couldn’t find any yes or no on the sites above.
It’s not for me you see, I have this friend…etc…