SIR in the Aux channel of N 3.3

and latency compensation


I’m sure there’s been a discussion about this in the past, but I couldn’t find it…

I’m playing with the SIR reverb plugin in N 3.3 build 1516. When I put it as a send in an aux channel, the audio tracks seem to be compensated correctly for latency, but my VSTi instrument tracks aren’t (in this case FL Studio multi out).

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

Incidentally, when I use it as an insert on one audio track, all the tracks including the instrument tracks are compensated correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


IF I recall correctly, it is indeed a bug. One that has been fixed… but only in Version 4.X.X I think?


You could try downloading that sampleslide plug-in that he talks about on the web site. You might be able to correct the latency using that in 3…3 by perhaps bussing the vsti channels together through the sample slide plug-in set-up to delay them back to where the reverb is.


Hi Guys:
I found some information on this … There is a plug that can be applied to your “Sends” that wil compensate for this delay… I have the links from this guy… Lookin for it…

kingsinger… You’re right onnn… thhat’s the link…

These are some of the Questions-and Answers that appears on the page…

What is SIR ?
Which DAW have Plugin-Latency compensation.
Mac Port ?
How to get “Impulse Responses”?
Is a RTAS-Version of SIR available?
It seems if I move the Impulse Response SIR can no longer find the file.
the impulse files seem to be .rar files, but SIR seems to be looking for .wav files?
My Sequencer doesn’t compensate latency when using SIR as Send-Effect. How do I use SIR as Send-Effect?

The guy is not an n-Track user, cause IMO n-Track should be included on his list of Multi-Track Editors…I’m still looking for the link… But I think Flavio has a combinsation plug already built in… I think…

He also writes about the where-with-alls, of the plug-in…

I found it… ??? :p I got too many links on my list… :laugh: Oh Yea… There’s some other stuff on the page that may be useful…


This is Sample Slide:

It’s a little more versatile in that it’s not a fixed sample count.

Thanks phoo. I wuz wondering where that had got off to…